Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beauty Queen Diaries-MARCH

Name: Trinh 
Age: Now that's a secret I have to keep ;)
Occupation: Occupational Therapist
3 things that make you happy:
  • The supportive and wonderful people in my life
  • To be living in a country with endless dreams and possibilities
  • Ice Cream:D

What's your GUILTLE$$ Beauty Secret?

Exfoliating Gloves 2.95-3.95

What's my guiltless beauty secret for soft, smooth, and glowing skin you ask ...well penciling in a spa treatment weekly of course! LOL, okay I'm waking up now.  The truth is I've been using exfoliating gloves for over 10 years now. They come in various colors for your liking; pink, green, blue, and white. You can find them pretty much any where. I usually pick mine up at Walmart or Target for about  $2.95 to $3.95 a pair.  I donn them on in the shower with my favorite body wash and scrub a dub dub away I rub all the dry dead skin off. Not only will it reveal soft and smooth skin but the act of rubbing and massaging increases circulation thus bringing nutrient to your skin. I would lightly dab off my body and apply moisturizer or body oil immediately after.  

You want to know my trick for a closer and longer lasting shave....yes you do...I exfoliate first then shave. Exfoliating also aid in preventing ingrown hair. I also exfoliate before spray tanning, I find this gives me a more even application.  I routinely use exfoliating gloves 3-4 times a week.  I've even gotten the manly men in my life to use them. I try to get them blue ones of course but some times they just have to settle for pink:). Hope this help you beauty queens combat that dry and dull winter skin and be beach weather ready in no time!


Love yourself,


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