Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guilty as Sin

If you love Essie and OPI nail polishes, you will love Sinful!
Amazing colors
Long lasting and only $1.99 a pop
Can be found at any drugstore.

Love yourself,

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beauty Queen Diaries-April

Name: Geri 
Occupation: Home Stager
3 things that make you happy:
-Sharing a laugh with my mom
-Scent of a man's cologne
What's your GUILTLE$$ Beauty Secret?
Olive oil for the hair! Every night I go into my kitchen cabinet and pull out my bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Trader Joe's. I pour a teaspoon amount into my hands and massage it into my hair and scalp. I often am asked by people how I'm able to keep my hair so shiny...   And they are amazed when I just say"olive oil" which only costs $5.99 and lasts me a looong time!

Trader Joes $5.99
GUILTLE$$ Beauty Note- Geri your hair looks great.  Thanks for sharing.  You are a true beauty!
Love yourself,