Sunday, January 30, 2011


Lemons are one of the best kept beauty secrets.  They are extremely high in Vitamin C and  they are great for cleansing your skin, insides and fighting off colds.  I try to drink one cup of hot lemon juice each day to help keep my skin clear and help with digestion.  So before you use in your next iced tea consider these other options:

Here are my favorite lemon beauty secrets:

  • Rub lemon juice over the area of your face that has blackheads right before you go to bed at night. Rinse your face with cool water when you wake up. Repeat this procedure every night until blackheads are gone.

  • Rub a fresh lemon on your cuticles and heels paying close attention of the dry areas.  The lemon juice will help soften the dry area.  Leaving super soft.

  • Tired of yellow nails from nail polish? Dip nails into half a lemon to remove the unsightly yellow color.
  • Absorb lemon juice in a cotton ball and apply to acne prone areas.  This will help shrink your pores.

Love yourself,


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Curly Q

Want curly eyelashes?  
What you will need: eyelash curler, blow dryer and your favorite mascara.
Step 1:  Use a blow dryer to heat up the eyelash curler.  (Make sure it is not too hot!)
Step 2:  Curl lashes.  The heat from the curler will immediately curl your lashes.
Step 3:  Apply your favorite mascara.  My favorite is Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara retails for $4.99 or less.    

No need for fake lashes with this trick!
Love yourself,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scrub a Dub Dub

Im guilty of purchasing over priced body scrubs.  I'll use it maybe twice.  It sits on my shelf and ends up spoiling. What a waste! Now one of my favorite home beauty regimens is making my own natural scrubs.  You make it on your terms so there is no waste.  Scrubs are excellent for exfoliating dead skin cells leaving your skin glowing.  
The recipe below cost almost pennies to create and comes straight from your kitchen.  Commercial scrubs can cost you up to $65.  Will not mention any names...

*Simple OLIVE OIL Body Scrub 
What you will need:  olive oil and white sugar
-Take 2-3  tablespoons of white sugar and coat  with olive oil until it makes paste.  Rub over body.  You will be amazed of how smooth your skin feels.  
*You can substitute white sugar for brown sugar or table salt :)
Love yourself,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Browsing...

Need a cheap trick to help with keeping your eyebrows in place?
Tools:  hairspray and a toothbrush 
Take toothbrush, spray with hairspray and simply brush eyebrows.  The hairspray will keep your brows in place.   Works amazing. 
An eyebrow brush at Sephora can cost you up to $10 where as a toothbrush can cost you a buck.  I vote for the toothbrush.    
Love yourself,
GUILTLE$$ Beauty

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vaseline Queen

Vaseline is one of the most underestimated beauty products.  It has so many end uses costing you only pennies each time.  Best thing is that it lasts forever.  Vaseline was a staple in my house growing up.  My Mom used it for a lot of her beauty needs.  Even some of her fashion emergencies such as stubborn zippers.  

I love Vaseline and use it daily.  Here are my top 10 uses!  (Don't worry guys some of these tips can work for you as well.)  

Rub on the neck of your nail polishes bottles so they don't get stuck!  (Love this one)

-Use on your pulse points to help the staying power of your perfume or cologne.  Amazing!  

-Protect hairline when using hair dye or a relaxer.

-Rub daily to get rid of dry cuticles.

Want an instant cream blusher?  Apply your favorite lipstick to your hand, mix with a little bit of vaseline.  Use on the apple of your cheeks for a dewy look.

-Unruly eyebrows? Dab a little on your eye brows and brush.

-Got a bald head? Use a little to give it a  bit of shine.

Want to turn your lipstick to a lipgloss?  Place vaseline over lipstick. Wala, the perfect lipgloss. Never to sticky. always just right.

-Dry feet?  Soften your feet by applying and wearing socks at night.  Cant sleep with socks?  Use during the day instead.  We all wear socks during the day right?  Both will give you amazing results.

-Works fantastic as a makeup remover. 

Love yourself,
GUILTLE$$ Beauty  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shaving Glory

Have you ever run out of shaving cream and had to use soap as an option?  I have a great solution for you.  Hair conditioner is an excellent alternative to shaving cream.  
Hair conditioner will make your skin super soft and won't clog up your razor like soap can.  Best thing is that its super cheap compared to shaving cream.  

Guys this is highly recommended for shaving your face if you use a razor.  It will help keep your stubborn razor bumps away.

Love yourself,
GUILTLE$$ Beauty