Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lip Care

As the months get colder we tend to notice our skin getting drier especially around the lip area.  Note to self:  Chap lips are not cute!  With that said it is very important to pay attention to your lips.  Its one of the first things that get noticed on your face.  Chapped and peeling lips are not attractive.  Smooth and supple lips are are always the way to go.
Below are my 3 favorite at home lip exfoliants you can create to combat dry chapped lips:
Sugar Scrub
What you’ll need:  Sugar and Vaseline
Coat lips with Vaseline apply sugar on top of lips.  Scrub lips for about 30 seconds.  Rinse.  Finish it off by applying your favorite chapstick or lipbalm.
Ice Scrub
What you’ll need:  Ice Cube and Toothbrush
Numb lips with an ice cube.  Use tooth brush and scrub lips for up to 30 seconds depending on the severity of lips.  Finish it off by applying  your favorite chapstick or lipbalm.
Honey Scrub
What you’ll need:  Honey and Cornmeal
Coat lips with honey then apply ground cornmeal to cover lips.  Scrub lips up to 30 seconds.  Rinse.  Finish it off by applying  your favorite chapstick or lipbalm.
Other Lip Tips
-Always keep chapstick or lipbalm close by.  This can help stop dry lips in its tracks.
-Do not lick lips!  This tends to make lips more chapped.
-Drink lots of H2O.  This helps you stay hydrated which in turn will keep your lips moisturized.
-My favorite night time ritual is applying vaseline to lips before I go to bed.  It does wonders!
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